Personality Development

What is Personality?
 Personality, a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Personality
embraces moods, attitudes, and opinions and is most clearly expressed in
interactions with other people. It includes behavioral characteristics,
both inherent and acquired, that distinguish one person from another and that can
be observed in people’s relations to the environment and to the social group.
Need for A Personality
Personality is so important because it is like your First impression, it is your packaging. It is
what people think you are when they first see you. And it is likely to affect how people
perceive you , their judgements and actions. It defines you in your school life, college life,
Corporate life and in every sphere. You win or lose out on opportunities based on your
projection to others
What is Personality Development?
 Personality Development precisely means upgrading and preparing one’s external
and internal identity to achieve a positive change to your life. Every individual has an
unmistakable persona that can be created, cleaned and refined. This procedure
incorporates boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language
talking capacities, broadening ones extent of information, building up specific
interests or aptitudes, adapting to fine habits, adding style and elegance to the way
one looks, talks and strolls and upgrading belief systems, overall life management,
learning skills and attributes of winners. Personality development is a life long
process but training can provide necessary skills require to practice throughout life.
Personality Development Myths vs Facts
-Is English Speaking
-Need to change your self
-Need to fake things
-Need to showoff
-Need to be rich
-Need to be egoistic
-Speaking with confidence
-Learn Positive Habits
-Be emotionally intelligent
-Body Language training
-Upgrade your skills
-Learn Leadership qualities
-Excel in personal &
Professional relationships
With ease
Do you Need This Course?
 If you are not comfortable communicating with others or Public Speaking.
 If you want to excel, Succeed and be a Winner in Life.
 If you have been feeling Low on confidence and self esteem.
 If Failure is not letting you take another chance
 If your Teenage child has lost interest in Studies , Got distracted and is not
communicating well with you.
 If your Relationships are not going Good
 If you are unsure about your life purpose and Goals and how to achieve them
 If you have a lot of Stress & Negativity in your Life.
Why Transform Life Academy?
 5+ Years experience in dealing with Human Behaviors
 Coached more than 1000+ individual regarding careers, relationships, stress
management, low confidence, overcome habits,Negativity Depression Management
(age ranging from 12 years to 60 years old).
 Course designed for all age groups, value systems and professional level.
 4 weeks Intensive Training + Group Activities
 It not just Personality Development- It’s a Life Excellence & Transformation course.
 You Learn skills and techniques to implement and apply throughout your Life
Course Highlights:
 5 Modules with submodules designed to have an impact.
 Personal Attention to students
 Question & Answer Sessions
 All round personality development
 Small batch Sizes
 Inputs before course from Parents & Feedback to parents after course.
 Access to Youtube Channel for periodic Motivational content for a Lifetime.

Benefits of this Course:
 Accelerate Career Growth
 Build self confidence & self Belief
 Ready to take on Life Challenges
 Never give up Easily
 Overcome Failures & get Success
 Have better personal & Professional Relationships
 Know your Life purpose. Live a Happy & Healthy Life.
 Sort out other issues affecting your Lives
Module 1
Introduction to Personality Development (2 Lectures)
The concept of personality – Dimensions of personality – Theories of Freud & Erickson-
Significance of personality development. The concept of success and failure: What is
success? – Hurdles in achieving success – Overcoming hurdles – Factors responsible for
success – What is failure – Causes of failure.SWOT analysis.
Module 2
Attitude & Motivation (6 Lectures)
Attitude – Concept – Significance – Factors affecting attitudes – Positive attitude – Advantages
attitude- Disadvantages – Ways to develop positive attitude – Differences between
personalities having positive and negative attitude. Concept of motivation – Significance –
Internal and external motives – Importance of self- motivation- Factors leading to demotivation
Followed by Group Activity
Module 3
Self-esteem (6 Lectures)
Term self-esteem – Symptoms – Advantages – Do’s and Don’ts to develop positive selfesteem
– Low self esteem- Symptoms – Personality having low self esteem – Positive and
negative self esteem. Interpersonal
Relationships – Defining the difference between aggressive, submissive and assertive
behaviours – Lateral thinking.
Followed by Group Activity

Module 4
Other Aspects of Personality Development (4 Lectures)
Body language – Problem-solving – Conflict and Stress Management – Decision-making skills –
Leadership and qualities of a successful leader – Character building -Team-work – Time
management –Improving Relationships with family & Collegues-Positive Habbits-Importance
of Health Fitness Nutrition-Money Management-Belief System-Develop Emotional
Intelligence- Relaxation & meditation- Life Purpose- Power of Subconscious Mind-Work
ethics –Good manners and etiquette.
Followed by Group Activity
Module 5
Employability Quotient (2 Lectures)
Resume building- The art of participating in Group Discussion – Facing the Personal (HR &
Interview -Frequently Asked Questions – Psychometric Analysis – Mock Interview Sessions.
About the Founder & Faculty:
The Founder of Transform Life Academy Mr Gurpreet Singh is a Certified Life coach,
Certified in counselling skills, Author, Guided Meditation Practitioner , NLP Practitioner ,
REBT practitioner , Healthy living coach , Certified in Nutrition Fundamentals and a spiritual
Through Study & Experience he has developed a lot of one to one workshops,
presentations, and special programs, which have been hugely successful and have touched
the lives of lot of his clients.He is an experienced and powerful presenter, delivering
inspiring messages of motivation, happiness, love, respect, determination and success to the
people who attend his one to one sessions. His life coaching & Training programs are holistic
and long-term focused. He works with you to build your emotional intelligence and then
teach you how to sustain and even enhance the positive changes in yourself and your
environment. In a sense, you become your own life coach. This combination ensures your
change and growth long after the life coaching is over.

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