LIFE COACHING Terms Condition / Disclaimer / liability information


Life coaching ( including counselling / NLP / Hypnotherapy/ Guided Meditation/Access Bars) is not a Psychaitric / Medical service.  Life coaching is not meant to be a substitute for Psychaitric Treatment / Severe Clinical Psychological Disorders / Mental Disorders, treatment for suicidal ideation, Clinical depression or severe psychiatric problems.  As a client, it is important to understand the difference between life coaching and Clinical Psychology / Psychaitary although they have some things in common. While there are similarities between life coaching and clinical psychotherapy, the major differences are in the goals, focus and level of professional responsibility. Clinical psychotherapy is a health care/medical service and is usually reimbursable through health insurance policies. Life coaching is not a health care or medical service. Therefore, coaching services are not reimbursable through health insurance policies. It is also important to understand that coaching is a professional relationship. While it may often feel like a close personal relationship, it is not one that can extend beyond professional boundaries either during or after our work together. Considerable experience shows that when boundaries blur, the benefits gained from the coaching relationship are endangered.


The client or his/her parent or guardian agrees that using any of these life coaching services are entirely at his/her own risk. Life coaching services are provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information services, coaching, uninterrupted access, or products and services provided through or in connection with the service. This service is requested at the client’s or his/her/hir parent’s/guardian’s own choice and with inherent singular responsibility. The client or his/her/hir parent/guardian agrees that the use of all, or part, of the service is entirely at the client’s own risk. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the client of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the client and is neither the responsibility nor liability of Life Coach Gurpreet Singh.The client or his/her parent/guardian understands that life coaching is not a substitute for psychaitric treatment, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care / mental disorders or substance abuse treatment, and the client will not use it in place of any form of therapy.

The client or parent/guardian recognizes that coaching requires emotional, physical, and mental efforts, exertion, and behavioral experimentation / implementation, on the client’s part, to fully gain the benefit of coaching and to get desirable results. The client or parent/guardian fully acknowledges and takes full responsibility for all the risks involved. The client or parent/guardian understands that it is his/her responsibility to consult with his/her/hir primary health care provider prior to participating and should the client orparent/guardian choose not to consult his/herhealth care provider, the client or parent/guardian accepts full responsibility waiving all rights to liability or any claims against Life Coach Gurpreet Singhand  any of its agents, administrators, or employees.

The client or parent/guardian attests to the fact that the client or parent/guardian has disclosed all relevant information regarding his/her/hir physical, emotional or mental conditions that could cause harm to the client by participating in these programs. The client, his/her/  parent/guardian, his/her/ heirs, or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Coach Gurpreet Singh for any injury, harm  caused by incorrect facts given my client/ parent/guardian. The client or parent/guardian has read and understood this form and all its contents, and the client or parent/guardian voluntarily agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.

Confidentiality: The client understands that information will be held as confidential unless the client states otherwise in writing. If the client reports child or elder abuse or neglect or threaten to harm oneself or someone else, the client understands necessary actions will be taken and my confidentiality agreement limited in this capacity. Furthermore, if Coach Gurpreet Singh is ordered by a court to provide information or to testify, he will do so to the extent the law requires. Additionally, the client understands that the use of technology is not always secure and accepts the risks of confidentiality in the use of email, text, phone, Skype and other technology.


This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules made there under as applicable. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy and user agreement of access or usage of a website. Here website means www.LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH.com.

LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH endeavors to render best possible Career Guidance and  advice through Self developed Career assessments and the bonafide guidance to the user/s, however shall not be responsible in any manner for any direct/indirect loss incurred to the user/s due to such advice/tests. These tests are based on existing system of scientific information available online and the level of accuracy the tests offered is highly dependant on the client/ student providing information during the assessments.The tests do not take into consideration of aptitude or IQ tests and are based of Interest of the client and Information provided during counselling session. These tests are not psychometric tests**

LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH provides career Guidance ,  advice  and recommendations based on the information received from the user/s and results of the career assessments and is not responsible for the outcome of the assessments in any manner. The student may or may not give correct information or perform the tests in a particular manner or may be in a stressful situation. Although we make sure to double check the options ticked by the student with them throughout the tests.

The information/results provided by the website is only for bonafide guidance and shall not be relied upon as the sole factor for the purposes of your decision making, admission or such ancillary purpose as other relevant factors including but not limited to educational qualification. I.Q., or other relevant factors play an important role for the said purpose.

LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH shall not be responsible in any manner for any liability that may arise directly or indirectly due to use of information, content or the report, including (but not limited to) errors or omissions, the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or reasonableness of factual or scientific assumptions, studies, remarks, test results or conclusions contained in such information, content or report.

LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH is not responsible for any liability for, claims, losses and damages of any kind, direct or indirect, arising out of use, reference to any information/result provided by the Website. LIFE COACH GURPREET SINGH does not provide any guarantee or warranty, including (but not limited to) qua non-infringement of third party rights, title, interest qua information provided by the website.