Depression Prevention

Depression Prevention

What is Depression?

➤   We all feel sad , demotivated sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are in depression.

➤  In India because of this fear of judgement we dont even try to know the cause of our unhappiness , leave aside working on it and overcoming it. In fact, sadness is a normal emotion that can make life more challenging, Amused?  Example:  Much art and poetry are inspired by sadness , unhappiness, grief, loss of love etc

➤     But when this sadness lasts for days months and years with a feeling of emptiness, lack of motivation to do anything and even thoughts of suicide, this could be the onset of Depression – Which is a medical condition treatable my a mental health doctor.

➤      But the process of treatment of depression through medicines is not that smooth. Sometimes the medicines cause more harm than good, Depression management is possible through Life coaching but the exact treatment could be medications.

➤ So if you are just starting off to feel odd, or disconnected by others its good to aim for Preventing Depression in the first place. A proper Life analysis can help see factors that could contribute to future depression , life avenues which could need improvement.

Do you need the Depression prevention Program?

  • Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood
  • Feelings of hopelessness / negativity
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including intimacy
  • Decreased energy, fatigue, and/or being “slowed down”
  • Stopped caring about yourself
  • Loss of appetite and/or weight loss, or overeating and/or weight gain
  • Feeling negative of Life in general
  • Restlessness and/or irritability

What if you Choose not to opt for Depression Prevention?

  • Continue to be in sadness and let it turn into depression.
  • Let emotional issues suck up your energy
  • Continue to complain and blame your destiny and Life.
  • Continue to be confused, uncertain about Life
  • Continue to underperform in your job.
  • Let budding issues and low confidence grow up into Psychological disorders

How many sessions will I require? Is it expensive?

✿ Depends on the issues but people tend to feel better and lighter after 1 -2 Sessions.

✿ Expensive is not the right term. It is an investment in your Self growth. But still I have designed the program to be total value of your investment even more..

✿ When compared with the amount of money you probably spent on binge eating, Alcohol,Smoking or other escape activity it is nothing.

✿ Moreover it gives you a Chance to be your greater self

The Sessions are timed at 2 Hrs which give you complete independence and scope to discuss everything which is an uplifting experience.

✿ The result are guaranteed if post session Advice/Suggestions/Homework is followed and recommended number of sessions taken.

This coaching session will change your life for sure.

Why try Life Coaching before or after visiting a Psychologist or Psychaitrist?

 Most of the people’s issues arise from poor emotional Management.

 Sometimes you just need a non judgemental lending ear for venting out.

 You may not require tags of Psychological disorders or mental dysfunctions

 Life Coaching is for everyone. Not just for people with Psychaitric Conditions.

 Psychaitric Medications may lead to a more lethargic you and even you might get into self judgement mode.

➨ Sometimes post psychaitric treatment , You need to Jumpstart your life and mindset for success and happiness.

✪ In Some cases ,  issues could have underlying Medical conditions. In this case you could be referred to a doctor or health care provider along with life coaching sessions.  

What tools are used in these Sessions

➤  Active Listening , Platform to vent out, Non judgemental.

➤ REBT , NLP and Access Bars

➤ Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation

➤ Life Coaching & Counselling skills.

Where do the Sessions take Place?

➤  Zoom or Skype Online.

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