Corporate Training

I provide group Training for corporates for various topics for different organizations particularly Life skills and soft skills are follows.

  1. Personality development
  2. Time Management
  3. Stress Management
  4. Emotional Intellegence
  5. Leadership
  6. Confidence
  7. Relationships
  8. Career Growth
  9. Communication skills
  10. Body Language
  11. Anger Management
  12. Motivation

Other topics include

Wheel of Life- 1. Personal 2.Finance and career 3. Health and Wellness 4.Social Skills Introduction to Journaling Technique
Genetic Evolution – 3 spheres of influence
Personality / Assessment/ Positive vs negative psychology/ Life purpose/ ego/ Self Acceptance & COmpassion/ Self Accountability
Motivation/values/beliefs/Ideologies/ self esteem/ subconscious mind
Negative Emotions/ Fear/ Cognitive distortions/ Insecurities/
How to overvcome- Stress/ negative thinking /
How to develop- Success mindset/ COnfidence/ self esteem/ emotional intellgence
Power of subconscious mind
Fundamentals of Body Language

Career Assessment, Job vs Career
Skill & Interest Assessment
Value Assessment
Left vs Right Brain and its career choice
Steps towards meaningful career

Mastery of 8 Major Life Skills: Persuation, Selling, Negotitation, Rapport Building, Work-Life Balance, Effective Communication for Networking, Time Management, Leadership & Team Management

Interpersonal Communication- Business Communication, types of Communication
Understanding the distinction between agression and assertiveness
Coping Skills- Dealing with stress, reducing negative self-talk
Boost your personal power
Business Accumen,
Customer Service & relationship Management
Change Management
Working in Cross Cultural environment
Goal Setting, Importance of goal setting

Personal Finance Assessment & Evaluation
Financial Terminology
The psychology behind Financial Success or Failure
Financial Goal Setting
Effective Budgeting
Achieving Financial Stability
Core Concepts That Will Ensure Future Progress
Real-Life Examples
Where to Start and How to Start Building Wealth (Advanced)

Define Health and Wellness, Good vs Bad Health
Define a roadmap for success at being healthy
Undersanding the human anatomy and physiology of good health
Your Relationship with FOod, Understanding the psychology of behavioural change,
Basic Nutrition & healthy balance, Diet Plans & Designing your diet plan
Developing a fitness regime : Staying Active

Science of self- Synchronizing in thoughts, feelings, emotions & actions
Difference between EQ and IQ
Mastering Emotions
Observing Thoughts – Journaling Technique
Power of Now- Healing the Past and Releasing the Future
Healing Inner child
Healing relationship with others
Practicing Emotional Intelligence
Increasing Emotional Intelligence
Identifying Negative Belief System,
Questing the Irrational belief system,
Reprogramming the belief System,
Practicing Affirmations,
Visualization- Maintaining a vision board and a change dairy,
Restructuring the thought system

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