Confidence Booster

Confidence Booster

What is self confidence / Self Esteem?

➤   Your perception of your abilities , called self-confidence, is level of faith that you have in your potential to perform and achieve to the fullest.  Self-esteem is the opinion you have of yourself.

➤ Practical feelings of confidence and positive self-esteem affect how you think and act, how you feel about others, and how successful you are in life.

➤     Self-confidence allows you to have positive yet real views of yourself and the situations in which you are involved. If you have self-confidence, typically you do not fear challenges, you are able to stand up for what you believe, and you have the courage to admit your limitations

➤      Its means with high self confidence you become a calculated risk taken which is crucial to one’s growth.

Do you need the Confidence Booster Program?

  • If you think you have lost your abilities to perform.
  • If you fear people , situations and responsibilities.
  • If you think you are not good enough.
  • If you think people will judge you or not approve of you.
  • If you are becoming a people pleaser..
  • If your relationships are going for a toss.
  • If you are unable to perform in your job.
  • If you think you cannot achieve anything and there is no future for you.

What if you Choose not to opt for confidence booster?

  • Continue to be in self doubt and unable to get success.
  • Let emotional issues suck up your energy
  • Continue to complain and blame your destiny and Life.
  • Continue to be confused, uncertain about Life
  • Continue to underperform in your job.
  • Let budding issues and low confidence grow up into Psychological disorders

How many sessions will I require? Is it expensive?

✿ Depends on the issues but people tend to feel better and lighter after 1 -2 Sessions.

✿ Expensive is not the right term. It is an investment in your Self growth. But still I have designed the program to be total value of your investment even more..

✿ When compared with the amount of money you probably spent on binge eating, Alcohol,Smoking or other escape activity it is nothing.

✿ Moreover it gives you a Chance to be your greater self

The Sessions are timed at 2 Hrs which give you complete independence and scope to discuss everything which is an uplifting experience.

✿ The result are guaranteed if post session Advice/Suggestions/Homework is followed and recommended number of sessions taken.

This coaching session will change your life for sure.

Why try Life Coaching before or after visiting a Psychologist or Psychaitrist?

 Most of the people’s issues arise from poor emotional Management.

 Sometimes you just need a non judgemental lending ear for venting out.

 You may not require tags of Psychological disorders or mental dysfunctions

 Life Coaching is for everyone. Not just for people with Psychaitric Conditions.

 Psychaitric Medications may lead to a more lethargic you and even you might get into self judgement mode.

➨ Sometimes post psychaitric treatment , You need to Jumpstart your life and mindset for success and happiness.

✪ In Some cases ,  issues could have underlying Medical conditions. In this case you could be referred to a doctor or health care provider along with life coaching sessions.  

What tools are used in these Sessions

➤  Active Listening , Platform to vent out, Non judgemental.

➤ REBT , NLP and Access Bars

➤ Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation

➤ Life Coaching & Counselling skills.

Where do the Sessions take Place?

➤  Zoom or Skype Online.

So Don’t wait Book your Session Here

People with high self-confidence typically have little fear of the unknown, are able to stand up for what they believe in, and have the courage to risk embarrassment. Its means with high self confidence you become a calculated risk taken which is crucial to one’s growth.

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