What is Career ?

➤  Career is an activity which takes major part of day and life to give you financial independence, in which you do service to society

➤ Ideally it should also give you happiness and emotional satisfaction which is highly neglected in the Indian scenario.

➤    Sadly Career in India is also considered as a money making venture. Although you do require money for your needs but neglecting passion and interests, is like living in a loveless marriage.

➤ As a result, many students sit for entrance exams under immense pressure. Other courses have high cut offs where students who are equally bright but have scored moderate marks get left behind.

➤ Those who manage to pass the graduate course are again at crossroads as when they join the work force they are dissatisfied and unhappy.

Do you need the Career Guidance Program?

  • If you are unable to decide what to do after 10th or 12th,
  • If you cannot decide Science vs Arts vs commerce
  • If you want to undergo a Career Assessment Test which analyzes your Skills,personality Values and potential to find appropriate careers which suit you.
  • If you have failed in 10th or 12th Std and to overcome Failure.
  • To boost your confidence level to achieve your career goals and be successful.
  • If parents are forcing you into a career or you are already doing something you don’t like.
  • If you want to find a Career which can give you Money+ Passion + Happiness

What if you Choose not to opt for Career Guidance Program.

✘ Continue Life with mediocrity and live all your life with wrong career.

✘ Let career issues suck up your energy

✘ Continue to complain and blame your destiny and Life.

✘ Continue to be confused, uncertain about Career

✘ Have money in the job, but no happiness inside.

✘ Continue Procastinating Self Excellence

How many sessions will I require? Is it expensive?

✿ 1-2 session are enough to Find the right career for you and also prepare and motivate you to achieve the same.

✿ Expensive is not the right term. It is an investment in your Self growth. But still I have designed the program to be total value of your investment even more..

✿ Moreover it gives you a Chance to be your greater self

The Sessions are timed at 2 Hrs which give you complete independence and scope to discuss everything which is an uplifting experience.

✿ The result are guaranteed if post session Advice/Suggestions/Homework is followed and recommended number of sessions taken.

This coaching session will change your life for sure.

What tools are used in these Sessions

➤  Active Listening , Platform to vent out, Non judgemental.


➤ Career Assessment written Test.

➤ Life Coaching & Counselling skills.

➤ Life purpose discovery tool.

Where do the Sessions take Place?

➤  Online on Zoom/ Google Meet/ Skype

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