5 Proven Safe & Effective Tips to Lose weight Forever

You must have read 100’s of resources on the internet to guide yourself in your fat loss journey but do not miss this article.As a nutrition and wellness coach I can assure you that if you follow each of the following tips,you will soon see yourself in a healthier and better way.This is a comprehensive article which will answer all you weight and fat loss related questions,help you identify the fat loss mistakes you are making and will show you the correct path to lose weight fast and in a safe way that there is no relapse.

Why lose weight?

20 years from now, there were less health issues,less people with diabetes,hypertension,blood pressure and even cancer.We are what we eat and there is no bigger truth than this.But sometimes eating healthy or exercising can be difficult for everyone because of the hectic work schedules.In this case we need to follow a smart approach so that you can avoid more weight gain and also get rid of current fat.

In the past people were active,used to do physical work,work in fields,walk to their jobs and do household chores on their own.But now things have changed and people are using brains and intellect more than their hands and feets.So yes the calorie consumption is fewer than before and the stress level even more.Weight gain is directly proportional to the mental stress we have.

Avoid the shortcut

  • There are so many people who are crazy about weight and fat loss that they turn themselves to gels,pills,slimming belts,herbal teas,coffee,crash dieting or even fat burners.In this way you will definitely lose weight on the scale but it is super unhealthy and negative for your body’s functioning.Our body is like a car which  functions on a fuel called calories which can come from carbohydrate fats and proteins. It also needs an engine oil called vitamins and minerals.
  • Your body needs these tools in certain quantities to function at a optimum level and maintain your immunity.A balanced diet is very important and basis of a healthy body and mind.Sadly people are just interested now a days in the aesthetic part of the body.Everyone wants a beach body and wear a bikini and everyone wants to show their toned abs.While it takes a lot of pain and hard work to achieve a 5% fat percentage, it is strictly not recommended.
  • In the process you may be taking away essential nutrients from the body making it fragile from inside.many bodybuilders,athletes and models I met were either suffering from constipation,poor quality of skin,dark circles or some kind of digestive issues.People whom you see on screens take extreme steps to craft their bodies to near perfection because it is their bread and butter.
  • Not to miss they use anabolic steroids,Mass gainers,Protein powders,fat burners,high doses of caffeine and many other things.They can take this risk because their career window is very small.We as individuals need not go so extreme.With awareness and making the right choices you too can get a body and physique you are proud of.But the first thing should be balancing your body and making it function optimally before you expect any aesthetic magic.

The miracle drink

  • We feel hunger pangs so many times during the day,sometimes even 30 minutes after we had a meal.Thirst in most cases sends similar signals to brain which tricks us into believing they were are hungry.We are so busy and mentally engrossed in our work that we practically forget to drink water all throughout the day.
  • Water is a miracle drink.It can cure diseases,can release toxins from your body,can make your skin clear and glowing and can make you feel lighter and healthier.Drinking water frequently also helps the blood circulation and you feel more active than before.Remember water in zero calorie and doesn’t hurt your weight loss goals.
  • Next time when you feel a hunger pang just after your last meal within 2 hours, just sit down and have a glass of water very slowly sip by sip and see your hunger go away.Recommended water intake per day should be 8 glasses which can be spread over during the day.Water also aids in digestion and absorption of your food.
  • When you wake up in the morning,water is your best friend.It has been 7-8 hours that your body is without water.Our body can survive without food for a long time but only lesser time without water.Your organs are asking for nourishment and water it the best way to make them freshen up and active.Wakeup in the morning and have 2 glasses or warm water very slowly sip by sip.
  • Next thing to follow is to have a glass of water 30 minutes before your big meals namelt breakfast lunch and dinner.This will prepare you gut lining and your digestive juices for your stomach.Water is a natural antacid so if you have complaints of acidity or gas, stop having aerated or carbonated drinks to soothe it ,it will make it more worse not to mention the high sugar content.
  • Certain myths claim that you should not drink water with food at all. I agree partly because your stomach acids might get diluted and the digestion and absorption can get affected.Extremes is what makes weight loss very difficult for people.Weight loss is all about balance.So if you feel the need to drink water between meals you can take a few sips throughout your eating.This will not harm you in any way.
  • Avoid large amounts of tea or coffee in a day.Coffee can make you jittery or irritated.1 cup a day is ok, try that it is decaffeinated coffee.Avoid adding sugar if you want to lose weight.You can try a small amount of stevia.
  • Packed juices that you get in the market are not healthy at all. A lot of preservatives, a lot of artificial sugars, will push you off your goals.If you like juices , squeeze the fruit and have it at home.even better have the fruit.You will get a lot of vitamins and fiber too which is great for weight loss.
  • If you have coffee or tea during the day , do balance it out for increasing your water intake.Best way is to have a glass of water before having your beverage.Coffee is a diuretic and hence you need to consume water to avoid dehydration.
  • Vegetables juice is very beneficial to keep you full for long and also aid weight loss.Its full of fiber and antioxidants and also improve your immunity.So grab your favorite vegetables, whatever pleases you like spinach,carrots,feet,mint leaves,cucumber,tomatoes and create a glass full of anti ageing and immunity drink for yourself.

Eat Smart 

  • Whenever people think of losing fat or weight,what come to their mind is starvation.They feel they have to stop eating at all.The truth is the most starvation diets lead to more weight gain and more prone of poor health.The key of weight loss is eating smaller meals,frequently which are loaded with nutrion.You just need to learn to eat smart.
  • Now one more dilemma people have is that they feel that when they diet they will have to eat tasteless food.Well now this will take some time.If your tongue is used to eating burgers,fries,mayonnaise,fried food,sweets,cakes,ice creams,chocolates everyday then a sudden change in diet and healthy food can lead you to making faces.
  • But as you start with your new diet of healthy meals , slowly and steadily your taste buds will modify themselves to savour the taste of veggies .And trust me , once this happens you will be addicted to healthy food, I can say this from experience of myself and my clients.
  • Best way to have your dose of vitamins and minerals is to have a bowl full of fruits early morning before your breakfast or in your breakfast.All some seasonal fruits ,sprinkle a pinch of chia seeds and you are good to go.Loaded with fiber,antioxidants,vitamins and charged with healthy naturally occuring sugar will give you a jumpstart and will also not spike your insulin recklessly.
  • Always eat smaller meals.We are humans and plenty of food is available around us whenever we need.animals eat instinctively as they fear about the availability of their  next meal.Be mindful of what you eat,how much you eat and when you eat because once food enters your body-good or bad there is no way we can avoids its effects.
  • Be mindful of your spices,salad dressings and sauces.Check nutrition labels if they are loaded with sugars or other harmful stuff.Use in moderation.Wrong dressings can make even a healthy meal useless.Also they are loaded with saturated fats.
  • Sweets are like weed.They are addictive in nature.One cookie leads to another and then the entire pack.Also it leads to a considerable amount of insulin spike and hence fat gain.Sweets also increase your cortisol levels.Do not deprive yourself of all the pleasure but keep it to a weekly cheat day or a small amount after your meal.Replace refined sugar with jaggery as you get the nutrition also.But keep it a very small piece.
  • Always have your meals and set times during the day.This sets your body clock and makes digestion easier.Also it prevents unnecessary hunger pangs and thus avoid binge eating.Do not delay breakfast to more than 1 hour after waking up.
  • Eat regular times meals preferably 5 meals a days.3 main meals and 2 snack meals.Choose healthy food options.This will keep your metabolism up and running and will always keep you in fat burning mode.
  • When you feel like having a snack ,make healthier choices like salads,brown bread sandwiches,handfuls of peanuts,almonds,sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds and other such nutritious foods.
  • Avoid eating fried food because oil is equal to pure fat and that too saturated .So when your aim is to lose fat,you should be eating unhealthy fad except for some extreme diets like keto.
  • If you cheat on weekends make it a point that it should be a cheat meal and not a cheat day.Because one day of unhealthy eating can throw you off your goals and can later results into you feeling guilty and then even cheating more.Also make it a point to exercise the next day to urn of additional calories.
  • To find out whether you are eating healthy use the rule of colour.The more colour in your platter of fruits and veggies the healthier you are eating.
  • Cut down on your quantity of meat as it can be loaded with saturated fats.Have some but not more than a portion size.Add more vegitables.You can eat chicken or fish.Avoid red meat.Do not use cold storage meat as it is highly processed.
  • Replace white bread with brown bread.White rice with brown Rice.Have oats or quinoa for breakfast or dinner.
  • Reduce the intake of white rice,white flours and salt.
  • Avoid low fat options of foods with artificial sweeteners because these chemicals are not being able to be processed by the body and eventually then convert into sugar and then fat or will cause bloating and indigestion.
  • Do not fall prey to harsh diets which work only in the short run.Keto diet,intermittent fasting,low carb diets etc are ok for some specific goals for a short term but they are faulty as a lifestyle change.

Cook Smart 

  • The most important part of the food is the nutrition in it.Cooking it the right or wrong way can increase or decrease the nutrition in the food.Food is like medicine if cooked and consumed in the right way.
  • Whenever cooking vegetables, try to steam them,roast them or bake them to preserve necessary nutrition.
  • More than 50% of the digestion happens in your mouth through your saliva.Always chew your food 10-15 times even if it is soft food.Don’t not just swallow it.Strategy is to mix it with the saliva so it is ready for digestion.
  • Use low absorption oils for cooking like virgin olive oil which are heart healthy.Also clarified butter(Ghee) is a very good form of healthy fat.Never use palm or vegetable oils.Do not deep fry foods.This can lead to increase in fats on the walls of arteries and then gradually heart attacks or strokes.

Move a bit

  • There are 3 pillars to weight loss or fat loss. Number one is drinking water, number two is eating smart and the third one is moving your body.
  • Now by moving your body i don’t mean taking a gym membership and spending hours lifting weights or doing cardio.Meaningless exercises and routines will only make you more weak,drained out and you may tend to eat more or unhealthy.
  • A lot of people think that they can eat anything and burn off the calories.Because of this they do no modification in their diets and spend hours in the gym.The result is more weight and fat gain.
  • Diet is the number one factor.What you put in your body , you decide.What will burn off,the body decides.So it’s better to control what you eat in the first place.
  • Exercise simply means moving your body.There are many things you can do at home which can help you burn calories and keep you body in motion.
  • Whatever exercise you do,do not expect changes in a single day.It takes at least a week of consistent exercise to notice some change in the body which is enough to motivate you in the long run
  • Many people lose hope after a day or two of exercise and then completely end their weight loss journey.
  • Do not push your body too hard in the gym because it can lead to bone injuries or create unnecessary stress on your body.
  • Do not weigh yourself everyday.Weekly once is ok.
  • Just commit to yourself to give 30 minutes a day- 5 days a week to start seeing visible results. You choose the exercise for yourself but it should be fun.
  • It can be walking,running,jogging,cycling,swimming,zumba,dance,crossfit or gym.Whatever is enjoyable ,can be continued on a daily basis.
  • Find a friend who has the same goal of weight loss to accompany you in the exercise.It adds motivation but in case you don’t find anyone ,you should start alone.
  • Increase the duration of the exercise gradually and whenever you feel the need to rest,do take a break.
  • Spend less time just sitting down.Take periodic work break.Stretch yourself and move a bit.Even just standing up burns more calories.
  • After every meal try to move a bit like 5 minutes .It will help with digestion and avoid bloating.
  • While having a phone call, walk and talk this can help make the time into a calorie burning state.
  • Whenever possible use stairs instead of the lift.Don’t be lazy.
  • Once a while ditch the public transport and walk to your home from the nearest point.
  • Don’t use your bike and car unnecessarily for short distances.Use your feet.
  • Try to take at least 15 minutes of sunlight daily, which can boost your vitamin D level and hence aid in weight loss.
  • Everyday try to do 5-10 minutes of meditation to keep your stress and cortisol levels in control.Also do deep breathing exercises everyday to tighten abdominal muscles.
  • Once you have been consistent for a month of following 30 minutes of exercise daily then you can consider joining a gym and try weightlifting as it can build muscle fast,burn more fat and then lead to improved metabolism.
  • Play a sport sometimes like cricket,badminton or any outdoor game with your friends or kids.
  • Always sit and walk in a straight posture of the back and tuck your tummy slightly in.
  • Try this basic workout everyday – 20 minutes walk + 5 minutes jumping jack + 5 min deep breathing.
  • Before going to bed see your body in the mirror to plan yourself for the next day.Learn from today’s mistakes and write down what changes in diet ,exercise or self control you need to make.

Start following the above tips with respect to diet and exercise and you are on you way to becoming a newer you.Stay strong,motivated throughout the journey.If you feel you missed in between,again start from that point.Do not give up.Keep away from negative people or demotivating comments.Just aim to achieve your goal and then shut those people completely.

I wish you all the very best for your weightloss journey.If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.Share this post with someone who needs help in weight loss and consider subscribing to the website.Thank you.

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