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Hi i am Gurpreet Singh.   I am a Certified  Life coach, Certified in counselling skills, Author, Guided Meditation Practitioner , NLP Practitioner , REBT practitioner , Healthy living coach , Certified in Nutrition Fundamentals and a spiritual seeker.

Through Study & Experience  I have developed a lot of one to one   workshops, presentations, and special programs, which have been hugely successful and have touched the lives of lot of my clients.

I can Help you Choose the right careerResolve Marital Issues , Improve RelationshipsBe emotionally independent, Overcome negativity , Boost Confidence , Lose Weight, Give up old Habbits,  Be Stress Free , Be Productive , Be Happy and grow Professionally and  Personally.



Divorce Prevented


Career Coachings


Happy Clients


Transformed Lives


These are the areas of life in which I deal to create a holistic healing and transformation

I provide group Training for corporates for various topics for different organizations particularly Life skills and soft skills are follows

What is Weight Management?

➤   Weight gain occurs when you regularly eat more calories than you use through normal

What is Depression?

➤   We all feel sad , demotivated sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are

What is Happiness?

➤   When we seach the word Happiness on Google it says ” the state of being happy

What is Child-Parent Relationship?

➤   The art of raising children in an healthy physical and emotional environment can

What is Career ?
➤  Career is an activity which takes major part of day and life to give

What is Divorce?

➤   A Relationship breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences

What is Marriage or Couple Relationships?

➤   Relationships is a complex concept. Yes it is. A lot of factors

What is self confidence / Self Esteem?

➤   Your perception of your abilities , called self-confidence, is level of faith

What is Anger?

➤  Anger is a healthy emotion which is used to show superiority, dominance,used to discipline

What is Infidelity?

➤   The act of emotionally or physical cheating your partner could be termed as infidelity or


Hear what our clients have to say about us

The sessions are very interactive, interesting,fun and as well as informative.The activities that are conducted during the sessions are fun and interesting.I am able to speak in English more confidently than before and my thinking capacity has been improved

- Pramod Gupta

I am truly satisfied with the counselling done by sir. It actually helps you to take the right decision for your carrer and in achieving the best you can.

- Neha Jain

Before coming to Transform You.. I was very scared but after attending one session my nervousness decreased and I started feeling confident.
The experience that I am getting here is very nice and I am very much enjoying my sessions.

- Kishore Kumar

Being the superbly understanding and genial person that he is, I’d always recommend Counsellor Indore for the way he helped me to understand the case that I wanted to refer to him. He was ready to lend an ear to them and help them grow out of their shell so organically, something for which I shall always be grateful.His motivational talks helps one to come out of the distress the person is going through
He is highly recommended 👍

- Gayatri Nathani Patil

Best counsellor. He has a solution to every problem, deals with friendly attitude 🙂 once you start sharing your problems, he will make you feel more comfortable and you will feel so lighter… I suggest one should try consulting him if something is bothering your peace of mind…

- Mukhmeet Singh

I found a great mentor, truthful friend, an amazing counsellor and a brilliant professional who is always cheerful, honest, loving, lively having a heart of a Gods.
Mr Gurpreet’s talent is beyond the numbers . Google can share only 5 but please accept the infinite points from me.
Thanks Sir. Highly recommended.

- Aftab Idrishi

Thank you Sir for Helping me during my Adverse situation. I have no words to Express my Gratitude towards your Counselling. Everyone should consult you those who suffer from Mental Health Issues. Once again Thank You 😊

- Maninder Kahlon

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